New Montana Happy Hour Beta

Welcome to the newest version of our site, beta style! We want to give a quick ‘thank you’ to all of those who have been supporting us faithfully and who have had the gratifying chance to watch this community driven website progress and develop. As we are in this new beta stage, please feel […]

List of Montana Breweries

If you want to discover the rustic charm and appetizing nature of the Montana food and beverage environment, there is no better place to visit than one of the excellent, local micro breweries that are numerously located across this great state. Did you know Montana Happy Hour hosts the largest collection of Montana breweries online? […]

Top 5 Breweries in Montana

Top 5 Breweries in Montana 1. Bozeman Brewing Company The Bozeman Brewing company has some of the finest micro-brews, be it on tap or canned and sold throughout Montana. Their tasting room is located in the old brewery district of northeast Bozeman, providing a cozy atmosphere for beer drinking as well as strolling around the […]

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