Brit’s Happy Hour Adventures – Introduction

Brit’s Happy Hour Adventures – Introduction

“There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means.”
―Calvin Coolidge

Living within one’s means. It could be in part due to my Korean heritage, or my response to the strong ties American consumerism has taken hold in our society, but these words strike a harmonious consonance with me. Living in Bozeman, Montana, can be a struggle for those of us trying to keep up with the high cost of living here. However with the right tools, it is wonderfully doable.

As a recent graduate from MSU, I know all about pinching pennies from my meager income, after paying the bills and student loans, to make sure that I am still enjoying all Bozeman has to offer, without stressing my wallet out. My name is Brit and I will be cataloging my happy hour adventures on Join me as I talk about what happy hours are sure to impress, and how far your “eating out” budget with friends can go.

Copper Happy Hour

In this, my first post, we shall start with the understated girl’s night out. Classic and timeless in its origin, this night is all about some healing heart to heart talk, looking good, feeling good, and, of course, making new memories together. I decided to go out with four of my best girlfriends, women who understand the satisfaction in finding a good deal, without compromising quality.

Since it was Monday night, we knew that there would be lots of options for happy hour specials in Bozeman. Utilizing through our phones, we decided to create a happy hour tour and hit up three locations for our ultimate girl’s night out shenanigans. With light hearts and determined smiles, we made our plans.

Right at four o’clock, adorned in our spring sundresses, we were off! And where did we prance off to for our first happy hour tour stop? Why, the Copper Whiskey Bar! With their delicious five dollar cocktails, mouth watering “happy hour bites” specials, and chill lounge area next to the bar, our G.N.O. was off to a great start.

My Whiskey Punch was fruity, flirty, and whiskey-subtle. But drinks alone do not make for a successful happy hour tour; we ordered the fried cheese curds from the happy hour menu in addition to the chips, salsa, and guacamole. For our celiac friends out there: while the chips for the salsa and guac we ordered were gluten free, you have to specifically ask for the gluten free option as they do offer other varieties. The fried cheese curds are not gf, but they are delicious. The crispy exterior in conjunction with the melted cheese on the inside and the delicious dip for added flavoring, was one of our favorite bites of the night.

After the rustic Copper Whiskey Bar, we were ready to change it up and head to our next happy hour tour locale. Just a few blocks over, we walked to the Plonk for some additional cocktail and wine loving. Monday nights at the Plonk are a real treat. We were particularly excited for the five dollar cocktails, three dollar Plonk wine (red or white), and three dollar well drinks. I went with a long time favorite, the G.F.C. The basil and herbal smells of this drink are so refreshing, reviving, and tonight, cheaper to enjoy.


However, I was surprised to discover after a taste my friend’s drink, the Coconut Lime Ricky, a new favorite front-runner. This tropical cocktail has a frothy white appearance with a lime embellishment. Lightly sweet, it hit some lovely coconut notes that have stayed with me, enticing me to return for another taste. Another hit surprise was the ten dollar chef’s cheese board. Accompanied by half a loaf of bread and styled apple slices, we soon switched over to the three dollar Plonk red wine with which to enjoy the fragrant morsels.

At this point of the night, around seven o’clock, we were ready for our final happy hour stop, Seven Sushi! Monday Happy Hour here is from three o’clock to close. We got a table and soon were armed with our new exhibit of drinks: three dollar draft Sapporos, four dollar house red, and four dollar sake. Our preferred rolls tonight were Spicy Salmon, Jaw Dropper, Pad Thai from the happy hour menu, plus one or two rolls from the regular menu. With such great happy hour prices, we felt comfortable to order additional normal-priced items to satiate our cravings. A few sake bombs later and it was almost ten o’clock at night.

There had been the eager catch-up talk, tearful conversations, repeated group laughter, favorite stories retold, and now, the unavoidable au dieu. But our mission was accomplished, and our wallets were still pretty well off. It was mutually agreed, touring happy hours was the way to go for a fun night. No matter what your preferences are, Bozeman has a plethora of amiable happy hours just waiting to be discovered. Join me in my next perusal, and don’t forget to check out for your frugally-minded needs.