Built by Montanans, For Montanans

Built by Montanans, For Montanans

It’s for the Montana fishermen who wake up at five in the morning to check the river stats and weather reports. Who load their boat up in the frost, just to be the first on the river, the first to reach that one bend, which harbors that one spot that holds the 30” brown trout that got away.

Yellowstone River at Carter’s Bridge Takeout
Happy Hour at Livingston Bar and Grill
Katabatic IPA at the Katabatic Brewery

It’s for the hiker, who plans his route through Google maps, preparing for a 12 mile journey that will require three trail-worthy meals, one gallon of water, and a plethora of sunscreen and bugspray.

Coming back from Hyalite
Happy Hour at Seven Sushi
Bridger Blonde Ale at Bridger Brewery

It’s for the mountain biker, who searches through online forums and communities, to seek out that trail that nobody knows about- that secret cache of exhilarating downhill track mixed in with the perfect amount of scenery, and wicked fun drops.

Coming back from Bridger Canyon
Happy Hour at Ale Works
Bozone Amber at Bozeman Brewing Company

It’s for the beer aficionado who likes to fill up a growler of his favorite microbrew and head to the hidden lakes of Montana, bringing his inflatable kayak to truly immerse himself within the surrounding nature.

It’s for the foodie who likes to explore, find, and taste every delectable dish that each small city and town in Montana offers. Seeking that special happy hour that offers discounted microbrews, wine, mixed drinks, and ½-off appetizers.

It’s for the constituents of Montana who take the time to seek out the best trails, hikes, and swims. For these people who make sure that for their preparation, they get the most out of their experience.

We have built a website that appeals to those who want to find the best food, drink, and specials that Montana offers. You aren’t lazy about your outdoor explorations, why would you be lazy with your post-adventure happy hour?

MontanaHappyHour.com acts as a guide to your local Montana Happy Hours. Made by Montanans who understand that the men and women who invest their time finding the best activities and locations for their outdoor lifestyles, are the same people who will invest their time looking for the best string of happy hours in which to enjoy the rich microbrew culture and local artisan eateries- for the best prices.

MThappyhour.com built by Montanans for Montanans.