New Montana Happy Hour Beta

New Montana Happy Hour Beta

Welcome to the newest version of our site, beta style! We want to give a quick ‘thank you’ to all of those who have been supporting us faithfully and who have had the gratifying chance to watch this community driven website progress and develop. As we are in this new beta stage, please feel free, no, feel obligated, to give us some constructive criticism and feedback. We have made this site with the sole purpose of serving and informing our fellow Montanans as to the best and most enjoyable happy hours near you.

Some new aspects of our beta include a cleaner and updated look, and a smoother running system. The logo is still a work in progress and will be undergoing several transformations in the near future as we investigate what works best. Additionally, the map is visually more focused and aesthetically more detailed.

Our inspiration and motivation is intrinsically focused on our passion for Montana happy hours and our desire to share that with the people in our state-wide community. So, as this site grows and adapts to the desires of our audience, enjoy the plethora of researched information ready for your consumption at the click of a button. Remember, stay happy, be Montana.


Your MThappyhour Team