Top 5 Breweries in Montana

Top 5 Breweries in Montana

Top 5 Breweries in Montana

1. Bozeman Brewing Company
The Bozeman Brewing company has some of the finest micro-brews, be it on tap or canned and sold throughout Montana. Their tasting room is located in the old brewery district of northeast Bozeman, providing a cozy atmosphere for beer drinking as well as strolling around the historic district of North Wallace and Broadway. The beer that everyone clamors for is their Hopzone IPA.

Locals Tip – Make sure you check out the bbq food truck that is often parked outside of the brewery. Just text them your order and they will deliver it inside the brewery to you when it’s ready.

2. Kettle House Brewery – Missoula; south side location
Kettle House is a household name which everyone in Montana, and anyone who knows a Montanan, is well aware. Serving up fresh brews since 1995, their Myrtle Street location has been a staple for University of Montana students, alumni, friends, and family. Their flagship beer, the ‘Cold Smoke Scotch Ale’ has become renowned for its fresh, deep, and flavorful characteristics. Piggy-backing off of the familiar awesomeness of Montana steep powder, infatuation with this beer is growing by the day, and traveling in the back of cars throughout America and beyond.

Locals Tip – Le Petit Outre is just steps away from the brewery and offers some of the best handcrafted bread and pastries of Montana. Their ‘brioche is a must try’.

3. Madison River Brewery
Sporting some of the finest hand blown glass mugs that you have ever seen (made right here in Montana), Madison River in Belgrade is a favorite among beer connoisseurs of Southwestern Montana. The brew that keeps everyone coming back is their light and refreshing Salmon Fly Honey Rye. A honey and rye based beer that goes down smooth and leaves just a hint of fresh hops that matches the sweetness and provides a clean finish.

Locals Tip – Sit at the bar, the bartenders (including the owner) are some of the nicest, most intelligible beer drinkers you will ever meet.

4. Red Lodge Ales
Serving Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota, Red Lodge Ales is a unique brewery out of the small city of Red Lodge which is located at the base of the Beartooths and considered a gateway to Yellowstone National Park. They have a handful of amazing beers that have received a ton of local cred, but the beer that stands out most is their Czech Mate Pilsner. This beer should be known as the ‘freshest beer of Montana;’ it is a drinkable, light yet complex, and deliciously addictive pale lager.

Locals Tip – The brewery usually has a random $3 pint. Also, be sure to check out their event list for their cheap growler fill days.

5. UberBrew
UberBrew out of Billings is one of our personal favorites, maybe it’s because they are so nice and accommodating, or maybe it’s because they have one of the best Montana Brewery Happy Hours. Whatever the reason, UberBrew stands out among the many Montana breweries by offering a great environment, food menu, and service. Their award winning White Noise Hefeweizen is an excellent beer for a summer afternoon post-fishing break. Match that with an amazing cheeseburger and fries and you are close to Montana perfection.

Locals Tip – Their happy hour beers are only $3 a pint! Be sure to stop in between 4pm and 6pm to get in on the action.